Innovative Directions In Global Healthcare Industry

The clouds will become the core platform for cross corporation co-operation to lower cost and increase benifit

As the medical data becomes more large and complex, the cloud will become the core platform. 

Medical data can be stored flexibly in the cloud, and covers all stakeholders. It is estimated that the market share of cloud computing in global health will exeed $5 billion in 2018, and hopefully with an increase of about 24% between 2017-2022.

Besides, as the demand for value-based medical treatment is on the rising, concept of precision medicine attracts more and more attention, it is imperative to deploy cloud platform that is extendable and can consolidate all kinds of medical data, so that medical institutions can strengthen cooperation, and formulate practical plans. 

Large technology enterprise will obtain high revenue

The “FDA program” aimed to fast track digital treatment and health application will greatly facilitate 

Apple, Verily, Sumsung and Fitbit to compete in medical market.

And to really adhere to “patient first” and “honor innovation”, it should keep in line with the development

of IT and retail industry, and succed by technology and effective business mode.

With the increase of virtual test and remote clinical test, mobile healthcare emphasizes “efficiency” and “patient first” 

In lowering test cost, simplifing test procedure and displaying actual effect, the application and integration of 

wearable devices and the application data of smartphone already shows great advantage. 20% clinical test will be done through 

virtual implementation, mobile healthcare solutions will undergo rapid development in the following one and half years.

With the popularization of the mode of bring your own device, the technology of mobile healthcare and wearable devices

which was neglected in clinical research, will soon gain vitality and become standard.

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