About us

Hunan Fude Technology Co., Ltd. is the company that specialized in supply medical products, such as: ENT Unit, ENT Patient Chair, Endoscope Camera System, Endoscope, Microscope, Ultrasound, Endoscope surgical instrument and dental chair more than 15 years. FUDE is committed to providing professional medical devices globally, always adhering to a customer-oriented approach to health.

Our Vision: Focus on human healthy and happy business!

Our goal: To be the most professional ENT & Endoscope medical products supplier!


Contact Us

Contact: Julie Shu

Phone: 0086 18773728649

Tel: 0086 18773728649

Company: Hunan Fude Technology Co., Ltd.

Add: D3 Building, No 106, Xujiazhou Road, Yuelu Street, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan, China.

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