What Kind Of Medical Instruments Are The ENT Instruments?

At present, the variety and function of medical instruments are various. But from the point of view of contact with the human body can be divided into two broad categories:

The first category is: direct contact with the patient or direct implants in the patient's equipment. These include a variety of surgical instruments and some artificial organs. Contact: surgical scissors, forceps, forceps, thermometer, blood pressure meter, stethoscope, clinical test instrument, electrocardiograph, implanted in human body: heart pacemaker, blood purification equipment, artificial organs.

The second category is: non contact with the human class. Such instruments mainly include: various medical research equipment: human blood analysis equipment, human excrement analysis equipment, etc.. The main feature of this type of medical device is that it is not directly involved in the patient's body.

Therefore, as mentioned above, the ear, nose and throat comprehensive treatment table belongs to the surgical equipment and can be directly contacted with the human body so as to realize its function. Thus, according to large categories, is the first category.


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