How To Choose Electric Department Of ENT Chair Motor

Electric motor control can be realized through the Department of ENT chair backrest angle adjustment, the height of the lifting seat, the seat of the whole rotation, so that patients can achieve the best comfort, is a doctor working in the Department of ENT medical auxiliary ideal chair. The electric department of ENT chair is composed of a bottom board, a support seat, a chair seat, a chair back, an armrest, a head support, a head support button, a control switch, an electric department of ENT, a chair, a motor, etc.. Electric Department of ENT chair, mainly through the control switch to start the electric department of ENT chair motor, in order to complete the people's position needs.

How to choose Electric Department of ENT chair motor? Electric Department of ENT chair motor can choose electric push rod motor! An electric push rod motor is an electric drive device that changes the rotational motion of an electric motor into a linear reciprocating motion of a push rod. The electric push rod motor is driven by a gear to drive a pair of screw nuts. Turn the motor's rotational motion into a straight line motion, and use the motor to reverse and complete the push rod action. Such as through a variety of levers, rocker or connecting rod and other institutions, you can complete the rotation, shaking and other complex movements. Ningbo first electric putter design exquisite, small volume, high precision, complete synchronization, good self-locking performance, health, motor direct drive, gas, oil pipelines do not need, so is the electric motor electric push rod motor ideal Department of ENT chair! Electric Department of ENT chair electric push rod technical parameter: voltage: 24VDC/12VDC permanent magnet DC electric push rod. The electric chair electric putter Department of ENT standard stroke: 100150200250300350 400mm special trip Ningbo first can be designed according to your request. Thrust: 2000N, 4000N, 6000N, optional no-load rate: 3mm/s to 13mm/s.


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